Скачаит инструкцию на brauniger iq comfort и d3000 инструкция скачать

Документация по AV-PILOT. Русскоязычная документация по работе с прибором AV-PILOT, «малым партнёром» IQ-COMFORT. Скачать. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat™ Reader, it is available as a free download from The Brauniger IQ Comfort, AV Pilot, and IQ Sonic – great varios for novice. This diploma is a great gift for the paraglider in your life. Issued by the prestigious WILD BLUE UNIVERSITY Awarding the degree of Doctor of Powered.

The IQ ALTO is a "best price" entry to the next generation of BRAUNIGER Download the Manual for the Brauniger IQ-ALTO from the Brauniger website. 6000 Series and Brauniger equivalent. 6040 · 6030/Compeo+ · 6030 Data fields v3.38 · 6020/Competino+ · SMS/Bluetooth set-up 6040/6030/6020 · 6015/Basic. This is the answer for Brauniger about the new competino firmware version. activated at the first flight download after entering the license numbers; it does. I think I did everything right,when I followed the instruction as I did with the 5020 sound like my old IQ Comfort, has anyone done this already.

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